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Share your individual voice to be united and heard.  United Voices of Kansas only shares the number of signors of petitions per district or area.  We do not share nor sell a signor's name, e-mail, or address.

The Mandate 

The Mandate Petition initiated in December of 2020 was presented to each Kansas Senator and Kansas House Representative in March of 2021 demonstrating a United Voice representing 103 of the 105 counties in the State of Kansas

Parental Rights

May 2021 - December 2021

State of Kansas

School Boards will soon be making decisions on masks and other mandates for the fall.  Our intention is to demonstrate the support of district parents and teachers that masks need to be a parental choice, mandates removed and parental rights restored. 

Thanks, not only to those in Kansas, but to others from the 12 other states who have signed the Mandate Petition.

Individually we Speak United we are Heard  

United Voices of Kansas


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About us

United Voices of Kansas is an organization with the purpose to unite individuals, businesses, groups and organizations to create one organized and focused voice in support of our Kansas elected leaders.  We use this one voice to provide reassurance from residents in their districts of support in legislation to protect Kansans freedom.