Privacy Statement

Petitions provide a way for you to agree or disagree with proposed legislation. Petitions can make some people nervous since you have to trust someone else with your information.

United Voices of Kansas does not sell nor share your contact information, including your e-mail address, with anyone, including your elected officials. Once you share your support to a United Voices of Kansas cause, you become a number and spot on a map as displayed within this website.  We use your zip code to identify your Kansas House and Senate District and share only the number of residents within that district supporting the narrative of a petition to elected officials.

For each cause you support, an acknowledgement that you signed and supported is sent to you at the e-mail address provided. This provides validation of your support.

We want our voices heard, not our personal information broadcasted.    

United Voices of Kansas


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About us

United Voices of Kansas is an organization with the purpose to unite individuals, businesses, groups and organizations to create one organized and focused voice in support of our Kansas elected leaders.  We use this one voice to provide reassurance from residents in their districts of support in legislation to protect Kansans freedom.